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Taking safe risks

Do you call it RISKY PLAY ??

Do you have a sharp intake of breath?

Adventurous play v Risky play

When we constantly refer to some types of play as ‘ Risky play’ we are using a word that has negative connotation.

When we talk about ‘Risky play’ it instantaneously makes us think of all the dangers, hazards & fills us with nervous anxiety or worry.

HOWEVER when we say ‘Adventurous play’ - we instantaneously think of the wondrous benefits, fun & adventures these children will be having!

We view the BENEFITS opposed to just focusing on the risk ! 🙌🏼

In this 21st century, we are becoming risk adverse & as adults we can sadly underestimate children’s capabilities & abilities to have a go, test their own skills and to learn from mistakes.

When children hear “ Don’t do that you might fall.” The brain instantaneously deletes the negative word

& ALL they hear is “ you might fall !”

“You’ll hurt yourself”

Our words become a self fulfilling prophecy & children take on OUR worries, our concerns & our apprehensions.

The constant negativity drip feeds into their subconscious & gradually depletes their confidence to have a go. Those characteristics of Effective learning.

Our once confident, adventurous children become self doubting & uncertain, timid & reluctant to seek adventures, climb, clamber & balance.

As mindful adults we must look to the positive & see benefits when children are engaged in ‘ Adventurous play.’

Change what we say

Change what we think

Change what we do

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