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A guide to government changes to the eyfs

We support the changes, and we are pleased that we already had a MUST be supervised while eating policy in place and all staff are first aid trained as safety is our priority.

We will not be following the increased 2 year old ratio to 1 adult to 5, 2 year olds we will be remaining on 1:4 ratio to be able to give quality care on both staff and children but it is nice the option is there in a emergency for staff sickness.

We work very hard with Eal and we have been working with the EMA network to improve our knowledge on this, staff are booked on Thursday to join their course and meet up, We have adapted our curriculum to support early speech if it be sen or Eal so that we are inclusive for all.

The qualification in maths has be very welcomed as we have very talented praticioners with years of knowledge not being able to progress in their goals with the maths barrier, we have been on personal development programme to learn how to teach mathematics in early years rather focusing on level 2 maths which we know would only be teached in secondary school, so we will be training and focusing on what maths looks like in early years

Any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch

Jodie and the team

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