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Staying safe this Halloween

Over recent years, both Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations have become incredibly popular among families in the United Kingdom. With less than a week between 31 October and5 November - and weekends being the favoured date for events - over recent years, it has felt as though these celebrations have increasingly merged and commonly now take place anytime within a two- to three-week timeframe.

From door decorations, to 'trick or treating', costumes and pumpkins, Halloween and Bonfire Night can create magical memories for young children- but they are also a time when accidents can happen.

Here are a few tips to keep young children safe as you have fun this year.

  • Trick or treating

If you are escorting your own children or a small group, be prepared.

  • Carry a small first aid kit for bumps or scratches, a torch and your mobile phone for emergencies.

  • Stay local: most young children will be more than happy to call at no more than 4 doors

  • Keep your group small and manageable; share the escort duties with other parents. Most people like to see children dressed up in costumes and will welcome beaming faces at the door

• Look out for hazards, particularly candles or naked flames, as most Halloween costumes are not flameproof. Trailing trims and skirts are a trip hazard or can easily get snagged and pull children over.

• Give children a 'safe option' if they are challenged to 'trick' instead of receiving a treat. A party blower or pulling a funny face is far better than a water pistol or flour bomb.

Dressing up

• Check the label of shop-bought costumes. Most will state 'Keep away from fire and naked flames' so be extra vigilant.

Buy a costume that fits well and is not likely

to trip your child due to trailing material that could catch

flame resistant or flame-retardant material.

As many Halloween costumes will be dark

colours, add a high visibility strip.

Avoid masks that reduce your child’s


Enjoy your halloween and we cannot wait to hear all about the children's experiences, don't forget to send in pictures

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