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Our Mission / our intent  

  • To provide a happy, stimulating and safe environment for children, staff and parents.

  • To facilitate the development of lively, enquiring minds, encouraging positive attitudes and independence towards learning.

  • To achieve high standards, enabling each child to develop their full potential and learn through play.

  • To provide a broad, relevant curriculum reflecting the needs of the individual child and fulfilling the requirements of the pre-school curriculum.

  • To provide opportunities for fun and friendship in a caring environment.

  • To support the important role of parents/carers in their young child’s education.

  • To maintain a happy and purposeful, learning environment which will challenge and motivate the children in our care.

  • To include and value the contribution of all families to our understanding of equality and diversity.

  • At Shenley Church end Pre-school we aim to provide a happy, stimulating and safe environment for children, staff, parents and carers. 

  • Our Mission is to have competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, a secure sense of belonging, that we have independent children who have respect, care for themselves, others and the environment. 

  • To facilitate the development of lively, enquiring minds, to encourage positive attitudes and independence towards learning. 

  • To consider own individual needs, interest and stage of development of each individual child in our care. 

  • At Shenley church end pre-school to value children's play as meaningful learning, 

  • To encourage active exploration, critical thinking and reasoning. 


Our promise

Shenley Church End Pre School we believe every child is a individual unique child!

we consider their own individual needs, interests and stages of development of each individual child in our care! 

  • To follow the children's own journey to challenge and create enjoyable experiences to spark curiosity to learn through play! 

  • Where children's emotional well-being is nurtured by managing themselves and expressing their feelings and needs, to give them the capability to self-regulate and be resilient in the face of all challenges 

  • The ability to make choices, focus attention and the ability to be involved, with the I can do it attitude! 

  • All children to have a sense of belonging connecting their leaning with experiences at home and in familiar cultural communities. 

  • We will provide equitable opportunities for for learning irrespective of their gender, ability, age and ethnicity or background. 

  • We will make sure children are safe from harm through safeguarding and giving the children the knowledge about how to keep themselves safe from harm and the ability to take safe risks. 

  • The children's health is promoted by keeping themselves healthy and caring for themselves by understanding their bodies and what keeps them healthy 

  • To encourage confidence, independence with positive attitudes towards self-help, self-care skills, encouraging healthy eating, drinking, toileting and self-care such as washing and dressing. 

  • To encourage communication if it's through non-verbal using movement and gesture, and communication cards, or to develop verbal communication skills along with understanding language, making children confident in their first language our main priority and very much valued! 

  • Recognising mathematical symbols and concepts using them with enjoyment through play. 

  • Implementing interests of curious minds of playing, imagining, inventing and experimenting. 

  • To work in partnership with parents involving them in their learning journey, and to encourage parents to work in partnership of children understanding boundaries of acceptable behaviour, 

  • For children to understand respect for our friends, adults, our environment and the rights of others, to develop the skills to understand what's fair and understanding our our pre-school rules on behaviour and respect.  


Burchard Cres, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes MK5 6HF, UK

01908 340850 emergency safeguarding 07521021403

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