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Starting Pre School!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Its that time again to open up our doors for our new academic year, If it is starting pre school for the first time or getting ready for your second year , it all can seem overwhelming and exciting all at once so i thought i would create a blog on some useful tips to help us anxious parents.

I will start with what to pack and what to expect.

What to wear?

We get this question often and although we do offer uniform it is optional and as a mum myself and working with children many years , i say please nothing you do not want ruined! We learn through play and we do not prevent children from getting stuck right in.

My top tip is buying 5 pairs of leggings or jogging bottoms, 5 plain dark tshirts or if you don't want to splash out grown clothes or stained clothes will be perfect!

Closed toe shoes are a must , something children can run, jump and dance in as we do so much of this!

What to pack?

This is a very popular question and one i always love to answer! We love to get messy we also learn independence on learning to wash hands always results in soggy sleeves!

x2 changes of tops

x2 changes of trousers

x2 knickers/pants

1 pair of socks as we always get soggy socks

nappies and wipes if still required

1 pair of outdoor shoes

1 x waterproof coat

1x water bottled

1 piece of fruit


1x hat

1 pair of hard sole slippers for inside

1 toothbrush in a labelled sandwhich bag


We support a healthy eating setting and encourage all types of lunches but we please ask for less salt and sugar within our lunches boxes and please NO nuts due to allergies, we will put any over sugary items away to hand back at the end of the day.

We do not heat children's food but we do advise food flasks if your child enjoys a hot lunch.

We encourage teeth brushing after our lunch , to help encourage healthy oral hygiene.

Every child has a right to nutritious food. When children eat better, they do better: they're in better shape to reach their potential. By getting them eating well today, we're creating the healthier adults of tomorrow: adults who are less likely to suffer health conditions linked to poor diet. “

We recommend lots of talking with you child on going to pre school , showing them pictures of staff on our website , and pictures of children playing.

We will make your children as comfortable as we can and crying is a natural way for our children to process leaving parents , an adult will always be with you child to comfort them and make them feel as happy as they can.

We hope this helps and we look forward to welcoming you all


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