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We take making memories for our parent'sand children our biggest priority and work very hard on our graduation.

Leading up to graduation the school leavers worked on creating their own story for myself to read on graduation day , I'm sure the parents loved the imagination behind their wonderful story from unicorns bears and dinosaur hospitals.

We worked on a school leaving song to sing to parents that they loved throwing their hats to.

Our lovely Alice who has been volunteering at out preschool on all things creative , helped the children create their own graduation hats.

We had playful pottery come in to create a keepsake tiles for the children ,

We also joined the children in their new schools for their stay and play sessions which we loved to see how confident they all was in their new settings.

The children all had individual certificates and all sat so well and all staff and parents was all so very proud of you!

We work in partnership with Glastonbury Thorn and love to attend their plays so we look forward to keeping in touch to see how you settle.

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