We are proud of our 'Good' Ofsted rating.

Comments from our recent Ofsted inspection, which took place just after we implemented ‘in the moment planning’:

  • ‘staff follow children’s interests effectively to engage them successfully in a wide range of stimulating learning experiences.’
  • ‘staff focus well on children’s interests and they make learning experiences familiar and meaningful’
  • ‘staff maintain good-quality interactions with children to support their communication skills effectively, including those learning English as a second language’
  • ‘managers and staff work closely with parents … to identify and build on children’s achievements’
  • ‘children settle quickly and have good relationships with staff and each other’
  • ‘staff encourage physical activity routinely to support good health’
  • ‘children have an inquisitive and motivated approach to learning’
  • ‘children use mathematical ideas as part of their play’
  • ‘children … develop important early reading and writing skills’