Name: Amanda Hawkins-Scott

Job Role: Pre-school Manager

A bit about me: I grew up in Southern California and moved to Darwin, Australia when I was 11. I really love animals- there are 2 dogs and a cat waiting for me at home!
I have 4 children and all of my children have been educated in the local area, with the younger two beginning their education right here at Shenley Church End Pre-School. Two of my daughters have graduated from university
I am very proud that I became a FA licensed Football coach in 2015.

My experience: I am working towards a Level 5 City and Guilds Diploma in Leadership of Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's service. I have worked as an eductor for 10 years and I am passionate about my role. It's no surprise that my daughters have become teachers too!

My role includes being a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) at the school, and I am also working with the council as a Early Years Quality Improvement Practitioner.

I believe in supporting both the parents and children as they take their first steps into education. When we work as a team, children flourish and really begin to reach their potential. It's something I am passionate about when it comes to my role at the school. You'll see that my team definitely agree!


Name: Dina Shukri

Job Role: Deputy Pre-school Manager

A bit about me: I was born in Turkey and raised in Iraq. I am married with 2 children who are in education. I am fluent in Arabic, Turkish and English. I have a honour degree in Biology and am passionate about travelling and cooking

My experience:  I started by completing my level 2 and 3 qualifications in 2008, before recently achieving my Level 4 as an Early Years Advanced Practitioner which lead to my appointment to Deputy. I have previously worked for 4 years as a Teaching Assistant and I love where I work now!


Name: Jodie O'Grady

Job Role: Deputy Pre-school Manager

A bit about me: I have 2 children and have myself always enjoyed working in childcare. I love spending time with my kids and I run a charity for my son who has complex medical needs.

My experience: I am a SENCO for the preschool and hold a level 4 qualification in Childhood and Youth Studies and working towards my degree. I started my journey at 17 years old where I child-minded for a family friend for many years. When my children were themselves in pre-school, I volunteered as a parent helper. I have experience working with vulnerable families. It was whilst working at the pre-school with my daughter that I discovered my passion for working with SEN children on a 1-2-1 basis. I am passionate about working with parents because I know how much easier the journey together is when we work as a team.


Name : Leah Pollard

Job role: Early Years Practitioner

A bit about me: Born and raised in Milton Keynes, I like to keep myself busy working in the family business as well as at the pre-school.

My experience: I currently hold my level 2 qualification in Child Development, and have almost completed my level 3 as a Child Development Practitioner. I have a real interest in working with SEN children, something that the setting has definitely encouraged and given me the opportunity to explore. I have been working at the pre-school since leaving education. I find my role very rewarding and love watching the children interact with their environment.


Name: Ruth Jones

Job Role: Senior Administrator

A bit about me: I was born in Cornwall, and lived in Milton Keynes for 31 years after leaving university. I have been married for over 30 years and have 4 daughters and 1 granddaughter, my family are so important to me. My two youngest children attended the pre-school and are now in senior school. My elder daughters have both graduated from university. We relocated to Cheshire but I continue to oversee the day-to-day admin for the pre-school. I run the payroll and organise admissions.

In my spare time I am a maths tutor and otherwise enjoy walking my two Cockerpoos, knitting and reading.