Fundraising Success

We are beyond grateful that two of our parents, Jade and Louis Clarke have managed to raise a staggering £500 towards creating a sensory corner for the preschool! This fantastic resource that we will be planning and building with Jade and Louis as a special thank you, will allow children to find a relaxing quiet space and has been shown to support and promote development in Early Years. This will also be hugeful beneficial for children who may have additional needs. We will share the progress of this project with you all.

Like most charities, we rely on donations and contributions from parents and carers to supplement our modest income in order to buy new resources, extra materials and a healthy fruit snack for the children. We are grateful for your support however small, so thank you all for your generosity.

If you would like to donate or assist with something specific, please do let Jodie know and we can work together to ensure your donation is used wisely.

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