December newsletter 1

To the adults of Shenley Church End Preschool
Here are a few little reminders for this week


It’s December 1st and the launch of our brand new Refer a Friend scheme. We’d love your help to spread the word about our preschool, so if you have a friend you would like to refer, and they are interested in weekly childcare sessions, please let Jodie know and she can send you a form to complete.

Extra Hours?

After our parent consultations, some of the feedback was that the school being able to open earlier and close later would be really helpful. We’d like to gauge your interest before we suggest this to the Leisure Centre, so please email with the subject “More please” or let Jodie know. We are looking at an extension of 30mins either side of our usual hours, however we are open to suggestions. Any additional hours would be charged with your monthly invoice so please consider whether you would like to commit to this top-up.


A massive thank you for all your donations of dried food and fruit. We are overwhelmed at your support and would like to encourage you to continue this.
It’s beginning to look…a little chilly
As the weather has definitely turned this week, please ensure that the children have their winter woollies – Hats and gloves, wellies and warm coats. We keep the school well ventilated throughout the day with free access outside, so please consider warm clothes.

Water bottles

Please ensure that your child now brings a named water bottle with them to the school. We would like to ensure that their fluid intake is not restricted to snack time or lunch time and this would be an excellent way to ensure they are drinking enough and encourages independence.


We are looking to schedule a session with Playful Pottery, situated across the road at the local shops. We are hoping to hold two sessions to ensure each child has an opportunity to join in within a smaller bubble. As soon as we have these dates, we will share them with you. Children will still be dropped off and collected from the school, however this may require an amendment to your child’s usual session to ensure they can take part. We hope to be able to confirm this before our next newsletter.

Washing hands

Due to current COVID-19 guidelines, you will notice that the increased hand-washing has left some of our little ones with dry hands. Please can you make sure to moisturise them at home, and if desired, please bring a bottle of moisturiser labelled with your child’s name to the school for their use only.

Thank you!

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